BBRIL protects

In our time, the light conditions are much different from back in the day. Nowadays, our eyes are exposed to much more artificial light, especially from the screens of mobile phones, tablets and televisions. Whereas natural light has a complete and balanced spectrum, artificial light has larger peaks in intensity, particularly in the blue spectrum. In contrast to natural light, this LED-light is not being filtered by our retina. And that’s just the organ that has to process it all.

A lot of ‘blue’ light may lead to staring, headaches, painful eyes, tiredness or blurry eyesight (and sleeplessness).Simply put: blue, artificial light – which can be up to a thousand times more intense than natural light – has a strongly deregulating effect on the retina. The coating of the BBRIL filters up to five times more LED-light than conventional screen glasses do and thus protects the eyes from ‘light pollution’.

BBRIL. See better, sit better

The BBRIL has cleverly designed lenses that make sure you keep an ergonomic posture, whether you’re looking further away or at your computer screen. So even if you’re just shortly talking to someone, you do not have to take off your glasses or tilt your head forward. The BBRIL does not have the appearance of a pair of screen glasses: I so desired, you can even choose a fashionable frame that suits you best. The Working Conditions Act states you have the right of an eye examination if you’re working with a computer.

You can ask your employer for this. In this case, you can also use the glasses at home. Eventually both you and your employer will benefit. Do you have children who use display screens a lot? Given the current gaming culture and the many social media, that’s quite likely. In that case it is never too early to start protecting their eyes. A BBRIL makes sure your children’s eyes are less strained. The BBRIL comes with many fashionable frames, so there are also suitable screen glasses for your child.

BBRIL. Screen glasses with a vision

When it comes to employees, prevention is the keyword. Absenteeism is costly, as is reduced productivity. Many physical complaints are the result of a bad posture at work. People spend a large part of the day looking at their screens and people with lesser eyesight will continuously change postures while doing so. Even if your employees work in accordance with the regulations set forth in the Working Conditions Act. The solution? Screen glasses.

De BBRIL can prevent a lot of back, neck and shoulder problems. The cleverly designed lenses filter the blue light and correct, also long-distance, and in that way make sure your employee can keep an ergonomic posture. De BBRIL is (only available through our web-shop for private individuals, companies we visit by appointment.)

If your company has a health and safety plan, than the BBRIL is fully tax deductible. Haven’t got a health and safety plan yet? In that case, we will arrange this for you to make sure that the BBRIL only has advantages for you too.

BBRIL. The solution is closer than you think

Multifocal glasses, reading glasses or no glasses at all make for tired, painful eyes and a continuously changing posture: continuously tilting the head forward and backward to be able to read and see everything well, the continuous blue glow of the screen etc. People who work in front of a computer screen or who have lesser eyesight therefore benefit from screen glasses. At BBRIL you colleagues can have their eyes measured quickly and easily and just as easily choose a frame of their liking. BBRIL has all the expertise needed, provides the service you want and guarantees quick delivery. We personally visit companies on-site for eye measurements and the choosing of a frame. In addition, you can order screen glasses 24/7 in our web-shop.

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