We help reduce and prevent complaints

The artificial blue light emitted smartphones, tablets and computers can be a thousand times more intense than natural light. This intensity has only increased with the arrival of LED light.

This has a strong disruptive effect on our retina. A lot of blue light can lead to staring, headache, painful eyes and/or blurred vision. This is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The syndrome refers to the strain on the eyes that is caused by using a computer for a long consecutive period. According to studies, fifty to ninety percent of people who use a computer for a consecutive period of more than two to three hours show signs of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Working at a screen for a long time reduces our blinking reflex, because of which we no longer blink at a natural frequency. In normal circumstances we blink between six and thirty times a minute. If you look at a screen concentrated, this natural blinking reflex sometimes disappears completely. Your eye is moistened less often, which causes complaints.

The LED light of screens goes through our retina unfiltered. BBRIL computer glasses provide protection against this blueish light. The coating of our glasses filters up to five times more LED light than standard computer glasses. By wearing our glasses you can reduce any complaints. But perhaps even more importantly: you protect your eyes in the long run. Even if you don’t have any serious complaints yet, BBRIL glasses can help prevent future damage and complaints.

We work with very experienced opticians

With our many years of experience in optometry, we know that multifocal glasses, reading glasses or no glasses at all can lead to complaints in case of computer work. The wrong glasses can cause a continuously changing posture at the computer. To then be able to read something you have to constantly tilt your head forwards and backwards. This can cause complaints of the neck and shoulders. If you work at a computer frequently and have glasses then you are recommended to have prescription computer glasses made.

At BBRIL we believe we should spare our eyes. This means that we treat our customers with the greatest care. Each prescription we receive for computer glasses is checked by our experienced and professional opticians. We then ensure that your unique BBRIL glasses are made with a great eye for detail. You can easily order your computer glasses from our online shop 24/7, and you will get them at home in no time at all. Your children also benefit from BBRIL computer glasses. Especially if you realise that children of school age sit at screens on average for 6.5 hours. We have a large selection of stylish and high quality frames in our web shop. Protection can also be attractive.

We find service and quality important

At BBRIL we find service extremely important. When we were opticians in physical stores, service was our top priority.  Now we have become an online shop, this doesn’t mean that we give up on service and quality. All orders are treated with care and attention. We also only purchase top quality products. Our web shop is open 24/7 and you can order your own computer glasses in a few clicks. We guarantee a fast delivery. We deliver your computer glasses to your home in a sturdy spectacle case. If you have any tips on how we can further improve our service, please let us know.

We have a wide range of frames

If you want to protect your eyes against screen use, you will need to wear computer glasses. Comfort and a stylish frame are then important. After all, you’re more likely to wear your glasses more often if they look and feel good.  This is why we have top quality frames and a wide choice of more than 45 models for men and women. There are suitable glasses for everyone. Have you taken a look in our web shop? You can place your order 24 hours a day and we will then deliver your BBRIL computer glasses to your home.